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The pandemic has forced us to advance processes that allow business continuity. That is why we are proud to help spread great news about Herco Mining, a company with more than 20 years of experience that is dedicated to marketing parts and machinery for large-scale mining.

Herco Mining went from being an SME to becoming a leading company in Latin America, thanks to its innovative digital platform for the sale of recycled pieces of machinery for large-scale mining.

This system will not only increase the supply and price of truck and heavy machine components, but also extend their useful life, reducing waste and thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

Herco Mining also formed an alliance with the American company Brake Supply, a leader in the repair of heavy machinery, which will allow it to address the markets of Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil, expanding the inventory level of parts and parts for Komatsu equipment. and Caterpillar (the world’s leading producers of mining machinery); increasing competition and improving prices.

Another important advantage of this agreement is that the technical center that Brake Supply owns in Indiana, United States will be made available to the industry.


Likewise, this innovative Herco Mining system will have a significant environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste generated at the sites. As an example, in the Herco process, 57% of the components of a large mining truck that has been decommissioned (which can weigh 280 gross tons) are reused, 35% are destined for steel recycling through certified entities, while only 8% goes to segregation and final disposal.

The component offering is available at www.plataformaherco.com , where customers can view photographs of parts and parts, review technical reports and its traceability, quote and contact Herco Mining’s commercial and technical teams.

“Mining companies need access to new service proposals, a greater scope of solutions that adjust to the new times. The digital platform expands our operations, creating a chain at the service of our clients. This will allow us to work on the annual maintenance plans of the miners (specifically on their TBOs). This alliance will allow us to meet specific requirements of our clients, participating in the process through product improvements, back-up stock efficiency, component exchange plans, among other services that provide measurable value “, explained Ismael Galaz, CEO and partner founder of Herco Mining.

About Brake Supply

It is an American company specialized in power train repair for mining earthmoving equipment, with annual sales of over one billion dollars. It has 5 service centers in the USA and one in Canada. At its headquarters, Indiana, it has the capacity to repair power train trucks for Caterpillar model 797 trucks, where it has a modern test bench for transmissions of this model of equipment, in addition to a 3D engineering area for reverse engineering and inventories of reman components. Inventory reaches USD 50MM in components and spare parts available for immediate delivery.

About Herco Mining

It is a company founded in Antofagasta, today with operations in five countries, which integrates the supply of components for large mining equipment by linking a network of connected solutions in its digital platform and international logistics. It is the only Latin American company that is a member of the Independent Equipment Dealers Associations, IEDA.

We share an interview with the founder and CEO of Herco Mining for the Minero.cl report portal Osvaldo Pastén and founder and Ismael Galaz, CEO.