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We specialize in promoting international trade by facilitating the meeting between its actors, linking suppliers, buyers, investors and startups.

We connect innovation ecosystems (Israel, Germany, USA, South Korea, among others) with Latin America.

We scout technologies at the request of companies, identifying sustainable and efficient solutions to minimize costs and maximize opportunities.

We represent technology-based companies in areas such as health, biotechnology, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

We have proven experience operating in Chile, Peru, Argentina, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Israel, among others. Our top-level professional team is characterized by having deep technical knowledge, a wide network of contacts worldwide, and a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective.

We are exclusive Liason of Tel Aviv University, 5th in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Strategic Communication Service - Softpower

Market Intelligence

In a competitive and demanding environment. lorrem ipsuum

Business Development Services - Softpower

Business development

We know the opportunities and challenges of international growth

Strategic Communication Service - Softpower

Communication Consultancy

We understand the differences between countries, languages and business culture in every market.

Representations Service - Softpower


We are allied with Tel Aviv University, one of the most important around the world in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Decoding Trade in 2023: Trends in Chile

Decoding Trade in 2023: Trends in Chile

Decoding Trade in 2023: Revealing Trends in Chile For Softpower Connections, 2023 was filled with valuable discoveries to guide our work in promoting international trade, connecting suppliers and buyers with the latest market trends. Our activities allowed us to...



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