We focus on facilitating the meeting of foreign trade actors by connecting suppliers, buyers, investors, startups, and entrepreneurs.

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Based on market intelligence tools developed by Softpower Connections and complemented by our networks in different markets, we offer useful information to guide our clients to make the right decisions and maximize the return on their investment.


We acknowledge the challenges of growing internationally. Therefore we support our clients in their strategic plans, as well as in their execution for global growth.

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Comunication Consultancy

Aware of the importance of understanding the different business cultures in each market, we strategically support our clients through the creation of a storytelling that makes their value offer clear and visible.


We are representatives of technology-based companies in areas such as health, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and strategic management. We are exclusive Liasons of Tel Aviv University, one of the most prestigious in the world in terms of innovation.

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Technology Scouting

We identify technologies at the request of companies looking for solutions that minimize costs and maximize their opportunities. We organize missions for our clients to different innovation ecosystems such as Israel, Germany, the US, South Korea, among others.

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