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About us

The Times Softpower Connections was born thanks to the commitment of its founder, Jennyfer Salvo, to capitalize on more than 25 years of learning, experience and professional successes, both in foreign trade and in the communications area.

The consulting firm, empowered by a multidisciplinary team, offers comprehensive advice for the internationalization of business through “white power”, a term coined by the North American professor Joseph Nye who describes it as the ability of one actor to influence another through values, culture and lifestyles.


Jennyfer Salvo C.

CEO y Foundress


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Forest Engineer from the University of Chile and Master in Agriculture and Business from the University of Alberta, Canada. More than 13 years of experience in international business. He was Senior Account Manager for government business development for Chile, Peru and Uruguay at Euromonitor International and supervisor of sector projects for wines, bee products, MICE Tourism and Logistics at ProChile.

Marcelo Díaz Pérez

Business development

Agronomist Engineer, Master in Sociology. Former Minister of Agriculture of Chile; former Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; Director of the Agricultural Economic Development Division of FAO. International consultant for the World Bank, Monetary Fund, IDB among others.

Carlos Furche

Senior Advisor

Journalist and Master in Strategic Communication from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. More than 12 years advising public and private organizations and the media. Specialist in corporate strategy, public image, business trust, stakeholder relations, organizational change management and crisis management.

Carolina Fuentes Abarca

Strategic communication


We want to provide the most complete commercial and communication advice on the market, ensuring that our clients are successfully inserted in the international scene.


We provide services to promote foreign trade and business internationalization, with a special focus on innovation, business intelligence and communications, which respond to the new challenges of the environment.


Our values ​​are based on what we call the 4Cs, pillars that enhance and facilitate work with our clients:


We want to know the strategic needs of our clients and support them in achieving their objectives because their success is ours. We are partners!


We seek the best solutions and we are committed to taking your business from a local to a global environment. We are always available to our clients!


We help you face complex and changing environments that threaten the markets. We are prepared!


We innovate and work as a team, using our national and international networks, to identify the solutions that best serve our clients' challenges. We co-create with you!